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December 2017 Does Our Pastor Need a Job Description?
November 2017 Mistakes Churches Make During an Interim Ministry
October 2017 Short-Term Mission Trips that Yield Long-Term Success
September 2017 Equipping Volunteers Builds a Strong Church Community
August 2017
What Promotes Hope?
July 2017 How Can We Help Immigrants?
June 2017 Ministry in the Midst of Tragedy
May 2017 Financing the Local Church
April 2017 Small is Big Again: Reclaiming Small Church Ministry
March 2017 Guide to Good Governance
February 2017 How Do Congregations Respond to Interfaith Couples?
January 2017 Conquering the Cutback Syndrome
December 2016 Can We Wait for God’s Spark?
November 2016 Does Your Congregation Suffer from Anxiety?
October 2016 “Keeping Up with the Pastor’s Pay: Trends behind Clergy Wages”
September 2016 “What Keeps Congregations from Implementing New Ideas?”
August 2016 “Multiple Roads to a Multicultural Congregation”
July 2016 “When Charity Brings Anything But Relief”
June 2016 “Making Congregations Greener”
May 2016 “How Do New People Hear About Your Church?”
April 2016 “How to Deal with Church Conflict”
March 2016
“What Numbers Matter for Congregations? Lessons from Five-Year Trends”
February 2016 
“The Payday Lending Crisis: What Congregations Can Do”
January 2016 
“How Ministry Teams Get Things Done”
December 2015 
“Improving Church Communications”
November 2015 
“Navigating the Currents of Endowments and Reserve Funds”
October 2015
“New Models for New Churches: What Works?”

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