Statement on Las Vegas Mass Shooting

The Lehigh Conference of Churches logoThe Lehigh Conference of Churches extends our profound condolences to the families and loved ones of those killed in Las Vegas. We offer our prayers for hope and healing as we grieve and lament the loss of so many lives in this latest and most deadly shooting in our country’s history. We also lift up those who were injured in the attack and pray for their healing and wholeness.

As a nation it is past time for us to say “enough.” Mass shootings such as these are not inevitable nor are they beyond our ability to prevent. We cannot resign ourselves to the acceptance of such violence. Let us reflect deeply upon what we have become—that such tragedies have become commonplace. Then, we must commit ourselves with courage and purpose to address the root causes of violence in our society—for the good of all.

We are thankful for the first responders from police to hospital teams to the courageous citizens who helped the wounded in the midst of the chaos, and lined the streets to give blood afterward. To them and to the injured and killed and their loved ones, we pledge to fearlessly address the sin of violence and our acceptance of the inevitability of these mass killings. We dedicate ourselves to creating a better world.

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