Christian Unity Prayer Service 2017

Bishop Zeiser Sermon

Christian Unity Prayer Service 2017

“To a world remotely listening, we surely sound like an orchestra composed of committed musicians each playing from a different score while under the direction of the same conductor,” remarked Bishop Sam Zeiser at the 2017 Week of Christian Unity prayer service. Zeiser, of the Northeastern Pennsylvania Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church, spoke to those gathered January 22 at Dubbs Memorial Community Center, describing how Martin Luther’s spiritual unrest “mirrored the spiritual unrest that preceded him and the spiritual unrest that simply will not stop” today.

The Scripture selected for the service, from Paul’s second letter to the Corinthians, points us to Jesus, Zeiser said, “who is the church’s only source of reform, renewal, and reconciliation.” Although movements to reform the church have left it unsettled and bruised, he said, we must remember that it is in the bruising and rising of Jesus that “an exchange has taken place in which the God who judges us is also the God who reconciles us, renews us, reforms us.” As we strive to be more unified as Christians, we must remember “that without being rooted in thanksgiving to God for the reconciliation with God that is ours, our efforts find no traction.”

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